Dyrsku'n English

Sometimes the stalls are nearly blown away. But it doesn't matter. Whether it's wet and windy or the sun shines warmly from a clear, blue sky; Seljord holds Dyrsku'n each and every year. 

Dyrsku'n 2017 will be arranged from September 8th. - 10th. 

Annually since 1866 

Norway's largest agricultural exhibition attracts thousands of people each year. Great bargains, new product releases, handmade articles, arts and crafts and traditional culture, all get the crowds flocking in. 
Dyrsku'n is the great annual meeting place for people and livestock. Everyone meets up here, family and friends, farmers and contractors, horse-breeders and tradesmen, dealers and manufacturers. For nearly 150 years, dealers and merchants have travelled from all over the world to the little village of Seljord. 

It all started in 1866, when the Telemark Cow was the main focus. The beautiful little mountain cow was exhibited, awarded and maybe sold during the annual cattle show at Dyrskuplassen. It didn't take long for other traders to come along. Dyrsku'n became both a meeting place and folk festival. 

Dyrsku'n has grown vast, but you can still find the Telemark Cow at Fjoset, the oldest section of the fairground.

Fairground and folk festival
The atmosphere at Dyrsku'n is the same as in the olden days. There is more farm machinery and fewer livestock, but the bustling crowds, busy bakers and enthusiastic traders are still the same.

City in the village
The city comes to the village, with everything imaginable of goods and people. The latest European-developed farm machinery is presented, you can pick and choose.

Outdoor market
The fair is still outdoors. Whether the sun is shining, or the rain is pouring down, people still flocks to Dyrskuplassen for the whole three days the fair is arranged. The record number of 94,248 visitors was set in 2016.

Prize-winning livestock
The livestock competition has become one of the largest in Norway. Entries from all parts of Southern Norway are represented, with well-groomed horses, cattle and goats.

Culture, folklore and tradition are central at Dyrsku’n. Spectacular horse-shows, or theatre acts with exciting themes from local history, are all on the cultural programme.

Traditional handcrafts competition
The handcrafts competition at Dyrsku’n is the largest of its kind in Norway. Rose-painting, forging, textiles, silver and wood are all exhibited and awarded. New creations have a separate prize.

Homemade local food satisfies 
Small-scale, locally-produced food has become more and more popular at Dyrsku'n. You can taste and buy goats-milk cheese made at the farm, salted ham from pigs fed with apples, and freshly-baked kling (traditional Norwegian cuisine) straight from the warm pan. 

The local producers have every type of special treats imaginable. Fill your bags with cheese, sausages, cured meats, preserves and jams, home-made juice, bread and pickled herring. Then lay out the tapas table when you get home.